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   We do for you all that our Do It Yourself Repair Kit teaches you. 

FIRST-- We show you how to get your FREE credit report.  This way we BOTH know what we are up against.


THEN--We take advantage of the many laws that have been enacted for your benefit.  We write the letters, we make the disputes we write the arguments for you-- This barrage of disputes that we make on your behalf will make dramatic improvements to your credit file.  But Remember, the truth is There is no magic pill to create guaranteed credit perfection.  Anyone who says otherwise-- is lying.  But the goal is not necessarily perfection but rather, improvement enough to accomplish your objectives. The question is-- will your credit be improved?  ABSOLUTELY!  Enough to get the best rate and terms on your home loan?-- ALMOST CERTAINLY. With your credit restored, YOU WILL have the ability to purchase that NEW CAR or NEW HOME and have all the CREDIT CARDS that you desire, as simple as signing your name.


Your goal is perfection?  What about the derogatory items that don't come off?...

That's where our Free Credit Manuals come in...

With our service we include our Complete Credit Repair Kit.  It is truly our goal to give you the choices that fit your life style and financial situation.  We along with our service provide the complete Do-It-Yourself-Kit that teaches everything you need to know.  This is to insure that if everything doesn't come off or if you have future issues, you won't have to pay anyone to fix them.  Not even us!  This is the same book that over 50,000 have used to restore their credit.


This Do-it-yourself-kit, cites the specific laws to make the agencies and creditors conform and abide by the rights that congress has given you.  And as a last resort for those most intractable of creditors we give you the ultimate letter (the one used to persuade on of the nations largest lenders to totally forgive $10,000 in debt, which allowed our client to get his home loan). This letter makes it clear that the potential legal repercussions and monetary costs of NOT complying with the removal requests far outweigh their potential benefits of keeping the derogatory credit on your file.


    I again want to make it clear-- we do nothing that you can't learn to do for yourself with our do it yourself credit repair kit.  We simply eliminate the time taken for your learning curve, save you the actual time of following the procedures and required follow up.  We eliminate the mistakes caused by "learning on the job".  This ensures that it's done right the first time and as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying the benefits of improved credit as soon as possible.  But if you prefer, it's simple.  You can do this yourself.  We teach you.  please see... How to Get Your Free Credit Repair Kit.


What does it cost if we do it?

 It Varies--

If Single-- $329 Plus,  Remember, the do it yourself kit is included FREE-- so if after we've done our part, more work is required for "perfection", you can do it yourself and pay no one.  

If Married-- $389  Again, the do it yourself kit is included FREE 

    The complete process will normally require from 2 to 3 months.  Remember, by law, 30 days is spent waiting for the Credit Agencies to do their original investigation.  Often, we can have most if not all derogatory items removed within the first 30 to 45 days i.e.  Judgments, lates, bankruptcy, collections, etc...

      We want to make it clear, there is no magic bullet and NO ONE can PROMISE perfect credit.  But we can promise Dramatic Improvements that will make your ability to pursue most credit dependent actions successfully.

    If you have credit issues there are many things that you can do.  You can order The Solutions Network Do It Yourself Credit Repair Kit-- You can order our services, or for that matter, someone else's-- Or you can do nothing!...

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