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Kimberly R writes

Your help has saved my life!  The weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am so amazed that a random internet search found me the help I needed in the form of and YOU!!!


Michael M Writes:

Hey Bruce this site is really Great! I've already called all my family.  I'm so glad i found your company, its awesome
your the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for setting up this site!


Chrissy in OH

You rock!! Thanks so much for your help. I wasn't sure what to expect but you have been great!!!


From Roger in MI

you did a SMASHING job of reading what I wrote and turning it into this very organized and beautifully written petition--Thank You


Consumer Credit Counseling

We are often asked why we DON'T offer Consumer Credit Counseling services.

The reason is simple...  Quite frankly, usually, usually it does not work.  We can offer and do virtually anything.  But, we offer only services that we know will have a positive outcome for our clients.  About 40% of all our Bankruptcy clients are people that prior to coming to us, paid hundreds, if not thousands, for Credit Counseling services... only to find that nothing was accomplished.  They further discovered that after a year or more of throwing away a small fortune, they realized that they then had little choice gut to file Bankruptcy.

Don't get me wrong.  I've seen a few people and situations in which CCC created a positive outcome.  But they are so few and far between that I will not take the chance of subjecting a client to this uncertainty.

If you feel that you need, Consumer Credit Counseling, I suggest that you do some additional research and visit our Bankruptcy and/or Credit Repair pages.




ASN Global

Servicing Any and All Your Financial Needs

Do you  have an issue?... We have a Solution!

Taxes, Credit, Loans, Bankruptcy, Mortgage Negotiation, and more...

A Solution You Can't Afford... Is Not a Solution!

Our commitment is to solve problems...

So, our fees are not JUST reasonable... we GUARANTEE they are affordable.

Are you in danger of losing your home?

See Mortgage Reduction

Are you being suffocated by debt?

See Bankruptcy Services

Do you have Tax issues?

Lower or Resolve Tax Issues

Are Wage Garnishments Looming?

See Bankruptcy Services

Are Credit Problems holding you back?

See Credit Repair and Free Assistance

Could you use a No Credit Check Personal Loan?

See Personal Loans

DID YOU ANSWER YES to ANY of These Questions, WE CAN HELP!

For a free No Obligation Consultation with one of our Financial Service Specialists,

call Toll Free 877 604 6636  EXT 3

  • SOLUTIONS THAT WORK did you know?... 

    • Bankruptcies effect loans...

    • which reduce Taxes,

    • which can impact Credit,

    • which effects mortgages and negotiations, etc... 

The timing of one and how it is handled will usually impact the result of the other.

  • Each of our professionals understands the interplay and relationships between these important issues.  We know how to handle each in order to achieve the outcome you want. 

Our goal is to provide the service you need... NOT what we want to sell!



  • Does your Bankruptcy preparer understand how your bankruptcy will affect your taxes or potential Mortgage Negotiation?

  • Do they understand how it will affect the home purchase you are planning?  (AND YES: with our programs you can still buy a home with Nothing Down even with a one day old bankruptcy).

  • Is your Mortgage Lender educated in the creative financing techniques that will allow you to buy with nothing down, no matter what your credit situation?  We do.

  • Does your Tax Preparer, take the time to ask the questions that can save you hundreds? Sometimes even thousands of dollars? Ours do!

  • Does your Credit Specialist know (or for that matter even care) whether Credit Repair is really a better option than a bankruptcy, based on your unique set of circumstances?  Quite frankly, sometimes Credit Repair is better, but often it is not...  Our Professionals KNOW the difference and will always give you an honest opinion of what's best for your circumstances.

  • Does your Mortgage Negotiator know how to potentially use the leverage of bankruptcy to negotiate a better deal?  Or how to potentially use the threat of the combination, to allow you to live in your home rent free for over a year? 

    • As a home owner, you have MANY options, of which, most companies are simply unaware.  And even more importantly, even if they are aware of your options...  

  • Are they willing to lose a sale by telling you the Solution to your Issue is something they can't do?  

    • Realize... Because we do it all, ASN has no financial incentive to recommend one service over another...   Our goal is simple... to serve you.

Unlike companies that provide only one particular service and therefore have a compelling financial interest in convincing you that THEIR service is THE answer to YOUR problems... ASN provides all relevant services and options to credit, debt, real estate, taxes and many other issues...


Consequently, we can afford to give you nothing but the truth.

The point is, we have no financial incentive to recommend one service over another.  We do not have an "Our one solution fixes all of your problems", bias.  We have only one bias-- only one goal...  To provide you with the best service, the most comprehensive information available on the realistic options and then let you decide which solution is best for your circumstances.

For a free No Obligation Consultation with one of our Financial Service Specialists,

Call Toll Free 877 604 6636

When calling please reference Service ID Code [PERSONALID] 

ASN Solutions for Today!

We are THE One Stop Source for solutions to the most pressing financial

issues faced in today's tumultuous society... 




Insurance-- If you live in the US, you have Insurance and you are probably paying too much!  We are constantly getting letters of thanks from people that took the time to get a quote and are now saving over $300 per year!

Credit-- Identity theft and credit card fraud is rampant.  We have assembled the premier Credit and Identity protection companies in one convenient location.  If your credit is important to you, you need to know what is on your report and how to protect it.  This page lets you do both!

Travel-- If you want to travel, you want the most choices and at the very best prices.  This page gives you those options.

Loans-- We all, occasionally get caught with more month than money.  This page gives you links to several companies that  will provide short term, no credit check loans.  If you  need quick money, it's here!

Real Estate-- This economy has created the opportunity to find some of the best buys and investments available in decades. We provide several sources that will help you get the very best real estate buys available
What's Your Credit Score?

 Free Insur Quote med rectangle

Almost Zero Turndowns!


  Compare up to 4 FREE Mortgage Quotes
Get a free insurance quote.       


Even FREE Online Federal Taxes

Back Taxes?  No Problem!

Learn little known tax secrets that will Save Hundreds or Even Thousands on your tax liabilities. 

Click Here for Details


Stop Foreclosure

Stop Garnishments

Eliminate Back Taxes

Extinguish All Bills

Get a fresh start.

Find out, is Bankruptcy Right for you?

Click here for details of...

  •  What Bankruptcy can and can't do for you

  • Frequently asked quetions

  • Mistakes to avoid

  • Even a Free Bankruptcy Manual and Bankruptcy Forms.

If you or someone you know is in danger of losing their home for ANY of the following reasons...

  • payments too high,

  • balance is too high

  • payments are behind

  • property is in foreclosure

  • or any other reason...

If they would like to find a solution that involves...

  • the lowering of payments

  • lowering the balance

  • stopping foreclosure

  • living rent free for up to 1 year or more.

  • then get paid if and when they actually DO move...

Then contact our Mortgage Negotiation and Foreclosure Specialists.  We can do or prevent all of this and more... and we can do it for a fraction of the cost of other companies. 

Click here for details


No Down Home Purchases

In spite of what you've heard about the real estate market.  There is still a way for you or anyone to buy a home, for no money down... No Matter What The Credit!

Contact us to See How!


Credit Repair Services

You don't have to live with bad credit!  Our professionals have a great track record of improving scores by upwards of 200 points.

click here for details!


Free Credit Repair Kit!

If you can't afford professional services, don't worry.  We've made available the very manuals and techniques that we use to improve your credit.  How much does it cost?  It's free!

Click here for your Free Manuals




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